The Asaro Family

Ray Asaro Sr was the founder of Trade Mart Upholstery in 1971 at the old Trade Mart Building in Princess Bay, Staten Island, NY. Along with his wife Josephine & son Ray Jr. They developed a reputation for quality & high integrity in their family business.

Year 2000 Nick Asaro took over the family business. Trade Mart Interiors was established. Nick has 30 plus years of window decorating experience. His vision to expand the companies services to the NY Tri-State area & beyond has been proven a great success over the past 18 years. Nick joined forces with his wife Ellee Asaro cultivating the same business fundamentals he admired from his Father Ray Asaro Sr.

Our Designer

Ellee Nolan Asaro

I have been blessed with a god given talent, but more blessed that I get to share it with others. That is the joy I get when stepping back and observing the pleasures I have given my clients through my designs. As an Interior Designer I strive to become the character of my client and to be able to give them their own personal, unique style. Allowing clients to connect with their environment where they retreat to for relaxation and cultivate special moments with family, friends and colleagues. I love to challenge other artisans I work with to push the elements of the design to levels we have not created before. This is an amazing excitement for all of us.

I am passionate about my career as a Designer. In our profession styles, products and trends are always changing. I find this stimulating as I try to stay on the cutting edge of our industry to keep up with technology and the every changing environment. I believe a true Designer’s job is always a challenge but in the end the work is a piece of Art.