“Drapery in a room is like the bow on a beautiful package” – Ellee


Make The Most Of Your Natural Light

When we think of drapery, we use words such as elegant, colorful, and breathtaking. For decades, the experts at Trade Mart Interiors have created drapery solutions that transform rooms into personal sanctuaries and mold sunlight into colorful room displays. There are so many different ways for drapery to alter the entire feel of a home or office, and our professionals are the experts you need to maximize your window dressings.

The first impression a room makes comes from its drapes, and that is what makes drapes so important. At Trade Mart Interiors, we are not talking about hanging some curtains. We are talking about styling window treatments to maximize every square inch of space in a room. We are talking about drapes with colors and patterns custom-made to match the decor of any room. We are talking about making the best first impression possible, and creating a mood every time you enter a room.

Creating Elegant Scenery

No matter where someone stands in your room, the drapes will always be part of the scenery. Drapes are a feature in a room that are impossible to ignore, which is why it is so important that they be made by experts with care. Trade Mart Interiors is a family-owned business that has a reputation for hand-crafted excellence and an eye for design. We put all of that to work for you when we create drapes that will enhance every part of your home or office, and turn every room into an experience.

Your drapes make that first impression for your room, and we are the professionals who can maximize that first impression for you. Rely on our years of experience to create drapes that match your decor in every way while creating a memorable experience for your home or office.

Let’s Get Started

When it is time for you to give a new look to old furniture, then let our experts show you why the Trade Mart name has been a staple in the tri-state area for decades.