“First Class! I had a great experience with Trade Mart Interiors and would not hesitate to recommend Nick and Ellie to friends and family.” – William Barillari

Interior Design

Our interior design work looks to mirror your personality and give your home or office a unique presence. We have a bold approach to interior design that is not limited by rules or other people’s traditions. When we work with a customer to create a unique interior space, we strive for only the very best results using the highest quality materials.



Not only do we change the look of your furniture with our upholstery work, but we also add durability that will help your possessions to last for many years. We make sure that we add stability and strength to each piece with every stitch we make. We go about our business with a strong sense of pride that shows in the final results.

Window Shadings

The natural light that showers your room can be altered to create a mood that fits your personality perfectly. We use window tints, colored shades, and a variety of other methods to get the most from every ray of sunlight. At night, we want to make sure that your window shadings have the same powerful effect that they have during the day.



Your drapes make that first impression for your room, and we are the professionals who can maximize that first impression for you. Rely on our years of experience to create drapes that match your decor in every way while creating a memorable experience for your home or office.